And then there was a garden!

It has been a month of dramatic change at Sandham Memorial Chapel. Thanks to the time and efforts of dedicated volunteers, we now have a lovely-looking reflective garden planted! Its creation is a testament to the range of different groups who have come together to help us commemorate the start of the First World War […]

Sandham’s Community Stall: Getting Around

Only a few months until we re-open  now and it’s been a been a busy few months for the Sandham Community stall. The Stall was developed to provide a one-stop, portable information point about Sandham for local people, during the period that Sandham has been closed for restoration works. It has been proving a real success. […]

Young performers visit the Chapel’s Spandrels for inspiration

It was a glorious evening when Newbury’s  Young Corn Exchange Performers visited Sandham Memorial Chapel to work on their dramatic response to Sandham’s paintings. We were able to get a  tantalising glimpse as to what their final performance may include!The group are focusing on the two Spandrels on either side of the Chapel. Two vast expanses of […]